Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for the Spring Market

Spring tends to be a popular season in the world of real estate with a bump in activity, so if you are thinking of selling your home, now is a great time to do it. Why is the spring market so active? It could be because the weather is nice and it’s a good time to move, or it could be due to the powerful symbolism of spring, which represents rebirth, renewal and a fresh start. These feelings can be motivating factors for someone who wants to sell their home and relocate. If you’re ready to jump into the spring market and list your home, following the below tips will help make your property stand out among the competition and get the maximum dollar for your investment.

1. Work with a trusted Realtor

It almost goes without saying that the most important step in preparing your home to be listed is to work with a knowledgeable and trusted real estate agent for a smooth transaction. A Realtor® can help determine the value of your home and the best time to list it, as well as market your property and negotiate on your behalf for the best outcome.

2. Make necessary repairs or renovations

Now is the time to get on top of any repairs you have been postponing and get them fixed before showing your home. From minor repairs such as leaky faucets, sticky windows or sliders that don’t open or close smoothly, and carpet stains to more serious repairs like cracks in the foundation, a damaged roof, broken floor tiles or faulty electrical, getting your home in good shape before showing it is imperative. Or, if your outdated kitchen could use a remodel, this is an investment that will likely add value to your home. If you’re not sure what to look for in terms of what might need repairing or renovating, bring in a home inspector and they will be able to point out anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. You can also consult with your realtor, they will be able to advise you on how far to go regarding a remodel. A well-maintained and up-to-date home not only presents better but also lets potential buyers know they won’t have to do a lot of work upon move-in.

3. Declutter and repaint

To prepare your home for showing, start the decluttering process early. Go through everything and get rid of items you no longer need, use or want. Also, take down all personal items such as family photos, trophies, kid’s artwork, etc., to depersonalize the space. Your home should be as neutral as possible and devoid of your personality, which even extends to the colors of paint you have on the walls. Re-paint the interior of your home in neutral colors and remove personal effects to help potential buyers envision themselves living there.

4. Deep clean the interior

Once the clutter is gone, it’s time to focus on doing a thorough deep cleaning of your home. Steam clean the carpets, throw rugs and furniture, check every nook and cranny for dirt, and clean all the windows and glass. Recaulk tubs, toilets, showers, and sinks and clean all the light fixtures. Polish floors and appliances, and dust everything. If doing a deep clean seems overwhelming, hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you.

5. Upgrade Lighting

Brightly lit rooms not only elevate the mood and character of a home, but good lighting also makes rooms appear bigger. If there are areas in your home that are dark and poorly lit because they don’t get enough sunshine, invest in lighting fixtures to optimize the brightness of each room. Consult with your real estate agent for ideas on how to properly light your home to make it look warm and inviting.

6. Clean the exterior

When cleaning the exterior of your home, make sure outdoor glass fixtures are de-bugged and cleaned, the numbers of your house are in good condition and visible from the street, and your mailbox is clean looking, sturdy and in good shape (no dents, scratches, or peeling paint). It’s a good idea to pressure wash your home’s exterior, including the front door and garage door to remove grime. Consider doing an exterior repaint as it’s a great way to freshen up the appearance of a home, and a freshly painted front door with shiny new hardware always gives a home a nice visual boost.

7. Improve curb appeal

A home’s curb appeal is very important in making a good first impression on potential home buyers. In fact, studies show a home with nice landscaping and an effort put into curb appeal can increase the home’s perceived value by 5 to 11%. To improve your home’s curb appeal, add colorful flowers and flourishing shrubbery, replace dead grass, remove debris, add new mulch, and incorporate decorative items such as a bench, water fountain, wishing well or flower box into the front lawn. A nicely landscaped yard with thriving trees, plants and flowers is visually and emotionally pleasing.

8. Create a beautiful patio

Outdoor patios are hugely popular in Florida and a nice, well-appointed patio can be a huge selling point for a home. To spruce up your patio, make sure the floor area is clean and stain-free and seal or replace loose, broken pavers, tiles or pebbles. Upgrade the patio furniture to include nice, well-made pieces so buyers can see the potential for this outdoor living space. Make sure the pool is sparkling clean and add several large plants to give your patio a relaxing, tropical oasis vibe.

9. Utilize flower power

Flowers are proven to boost moods, uplift spirits and make people smile. Decorate your entryway with freshly-planted flowers in a range of beautiful colors, especially yellow, as this color is known to specifically stimulate buying urges. Yellow daffodils, tulips, daisies and hibiscus blooms are all great choices. For the inside of your home, choose fragrant blooms that bring a lovely, sweet scent to freshen and lightly perfume the air while beautifying the space. Natural scents are more appealing than artificial ones, which can often be too strong and headache-inducing. Stick with gorgeous, fresh-cut blooms with a lovely smell such as peonies, roses, freesia and lavender.

10. Stage your home

Presenting your home in a manner that showcases its best features and gives each room a purpose is an important part of the home selling process. Making the interior aesthetically pleasing and compelling is where staging comes in. This includes anything from adding decorative accents to rearranging furniture. Other popular ideas are putting fresh, new towels in the bathrooms, adding colorful, soft blankets to the beds, and putting decorative pillows on the couch. Tasteful décor in pleasant colors make your home look modern, sophisticated and well put together, making it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Consult with your realtor for ideas on how to effectively stage your home to make it appealing to buyers.

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